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Sometimes it’s hard to get my girls to cooperate for pictures together in the studio, so I tried something fun & new and did some outdoor Easter photos of them.  I set up a little tea party, complete with “tea” (grape juice) and cupcakes.  They had no problems sitting there participating and barely noticed me taking the pictures;)


Aubrey’s dainty little hand cracks me up.  The kid HATES getting messy!  Kate doesn’t have that problem.




I told the girls to give each other a BIG hug, and they sure delivered!  They both fell down right after this.:)



After the tea party, I had Steve hide some eggs and they went on a little egg hunt.  Another sure-fire way to get them to cooperate for pictures – have them PLAY!


I have to say I think this was their most favorite photoshoot ever – now it will probably be impossible to get posed, studio shots of them!

F a c e b o o k